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 Apartment Security Officers throughout San Jose

Apartment security is basically making use of security firms and security guards to guard or patrol apartment buildings and its residents. As most apartments complexes often do not have hard wired security systems installed (doing so might violate lease rules), having Apartment Security Officers patrolling and monitoring the property is the best option for safety. VP Security Services provides Security Officers throughout San Jose.

Apartment security gives residents a sense of safety, especially in areas where crime rates are considerable. It allows the property owner or the tenants some peace of mind as they will have one less concern to worry about, and that is the safety of their home and the safety of their family. VP Security Services Include but not limited to: VP Security Services is also proud of our client reviews and is the leader in customer service.

Parking Lot Patrol Services

Apartment Complex Patrols

Uniformed Security Patrols

Enforcement of community rules

Electronic and hand written reports.

Armed Guards

Lock downs of facilities to include pool(s), laundry, fitness center and other request

Unarmed Guards

Parking enforcement and stand by vehicle tows

Alarm Response

Apartment Security Officers

Our company has a long history of being a preferred vendor for the multi-housing community in the Bay Area. Throughout the years, our Apartment Security Officers and staff have built strong relationships with apartment complexes. We create and maintain these relationships by hiring numerous individuals with direct connections to the multi-housing industry, including key personnel that have come from the property management world and understand the necessary security requirements.

Serving the Needs of Your Management Team

We help protect property and tenants throughout the Bay Area:

  • Grounds patrol to protect and deter against theft, criminal activities, resident disputes, homeless encampments
  • Access control and towing
  • Daily reports of maintenance, lighting and all activites
  • Armed & unarmed guards
  • Execute an evacuation plans
  • Powerful GPS

Vehicle Patrol

In security, as in law enforcement, a professional patrol vehicle can mean the difference between a crime occurring or not. We all have made a complete stop at a stop sign or reduced our speed when noticing a patrol car in our proximity. This same type of reaction can be obtained when your security company drives the same types of police vehicles. VP Security Services believes that a professionally equipped, quality security company can help provide a strong deterrent to criminal activity on your property best by delivering a high visibility message announcing an officer’s presence.

Not only does this work for your specific property, but can also benefit the entire community by increasing peace of mind for people living and working in the immediate area. Officers that work in VP’s Patrol Division are specially selected and receive training above the level required by the State of California. Most of these officers have prior law enforcement or military training and experience, which means they are significantly more skilled and productive than your average security patrol “rover.”

Get the Protection You Need