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Fire Watch Security From Trustworthy Safety Experts

Developers design today’s businesses and homes with comprehensive fire protection systems built into the structures, including fire alarms, extinguishers, and sprinkler systems. If these systems fail, your property and the people in it can be vulnerable to a dangerous situation. VP Security Services, Inc in San Jose, CA provides fire watch security services to protect properties with situations like equipment failures, making them susceptible to fire outbreaks. People typically need fire watch services when their fire protection equipment malfunctions. The water might be shut off for repairs, or storing flammable material increases your risk of a fire. We provide additional backup safety to keep your property and everyone in it safe until your fire safety measures are back in place.

Fire Watch Guard Service in San Jose

Fire Watch Services for Residential & Commercial Clients

VP Security Services, Inc provides fire watch guard services to commercial and residential clients. We help you protect your home, shopping center, restaurant, hospital, and other property types. Let our team handle your security whenever you need monitoring, inspection, or onsite personnel to keep your property safe. Our team provides all the following as part of our fire watch security:

  • 24/7 Emergency Dispatch Services
  • Local Fire Code Adherence and Detailed Report Completion Covering the Situation
  • Skilled Potential Fire Hazard Analysis and Mitigation at Your Property
  • Immediate Contact with Your Local Fire Department and You as the Client in Emergency Cases
  • Onsite Staff until Your Property Passes Inspection by the Fire Marshal

Keeping Guard at Your Property Against Fires

The staff at VP Security Services, Inc has special training to provide fire watch duty. Our fire watch guards treat every client with the best-detailed programs available in the area, making us a prime choice for security at your home or business. We adhere to the fire marshal requirements with our guards logging into the fire watch log every half hour. The fire log stays with management at the property for the fire marshal to review. We provide a wide array of full-service security programs to protect your structure and belongings. Our fire watch services include the following:

  • Patrol the Designated Areas at least Once every Half Hour
  • Report Hazards to Management
  • Guard Remains on Duty until They Are Properly Relieved
  • Make Reports as Instructed. The Client or Our Company can provide a Fire Logbook to Keep a Written Patrol Record

VP Security Services, Inc Provides Protection in San Jose, CA

Don’t risk your safety when your fire protection system is compromised, or you’re at higher risk of a fire. Contact us today to secure your property and gain peace of mind. We have the training and experience to watch over your home or business and ensure its safety.

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