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What Do Unarmed Security Guards Do?

Unarmed security guards effectively monitor and protect establishments and residents at risk of violence, theft, fires, and other hazards with a diverse range of professional techniques that don’t involve the use of firearms. In place of lethal weapons, unarmed security guards use other tools like batons, pepper spray, tasers, security boots and belts, and other materials that can successfully sustain the safety of the premises. At VP Security Services, Inc., we offer the region’s most skilled security officers who are not only trained and experienced but also dedicated to protecting your establishment to the fullest.

Work with Well-Qualified and Highly Trained Professionals

We understand that there is a high level of responsibility for unarmed security guards, so we ensure that our expert team of officers is highly qualified to take on the job safely and effectively. With our client-centric services catered to meet the unique needs of each location and situation, we can seamlessly protect any space – even without firearms. To add to our reliability and skill, we boast state-of-the-art security technology that keeps us at the cutting edge of the industry.

What Makes VP Unarmed Security Guards Unique?

Our wide-ranging assistance, extensive experience, and customized care are what make us stand out from other security companies. We proudly offer our clients a vast selection of world-class security options, which is why we offer more than just standard-duty unarmed security guards here at VP Security Services, Inc. You can also turn to us for emergency unarmed security guards in unexpected and urgent situations, and we will immediately supply you with as many skilled officers as needed.

Difference Between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Naturally, different crises require varying solutions, which is why we provide both armed and unarmed security guards according to your particular needs. The main difference between the two is that armed security guards are authorized to use deadly force if required. The typical places you’ll find armed security guards include retail, schools, banks, hospitals, and other locations where one would expect to be safeguarded with firearms.

The benefits of unarmed security guards include that they promote a sense of peace while still protecting premises, which is essential in certain family-friendly locations and other more laid-back scenarios where armed guards may not be necessary or appropriate.

Other Services

At VP Security Services, we don’t just offer top-rated unarmed security guard services. We provide San Jose and the greater Bay Area with assistance in the following areas:

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With a mission to make your establishment as safe as possible, VP Security Services, Inc. offers unrivaled security services for the San Jose community. Our wide-ranging and high-quality protection assistance has helped countless local clients stay safe and protected for over 30 years. From customer service to emergency planning and response, we have the security solutions you need. For a free risk assessment, contact us today.

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