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Executive Protection for San Jose, CA-Area VIP Clients

Professional security is an essential service many VIPs and other individuals need to protect them from various threats. VP Security Services, Inc has our clients’ safety covered with a comprehensive collection of executive protection services in San Jose, CA and throughout the Bay Area. We protect you at home, at the office, in transit, and any other time you need security. You can count on us for 24/7 solutions, from surveillance to crisis management.

Trust Our Unmatched Security Services

VP Security Services, Inc formed our security personnel from top law enforcement agencies with a standard of at least 20 years of field experience. Our personal and commercial security services give you peace of mind and keep you safe. We can provide uniformed or plainclothes officers to protect you from disgruntled employees, stalkers, and other threats. Our operatives can be armed or unarmed and perform various security services. We have described our executive security services below to keep you informed on what we offer:

Crisis Management

If you encounter a crisis situation, we can help you address and resolve it. These highly specialized services use pre-emptive planning and expert guidance to minimize your vulnerability.

Residential Security

Our close protection operatives are available to secure your office or home and ensure safety. With this service, you get 24/7 security to protect you against any threats.

Information Integrity

This service entails a wide range of protective security services to ensure your information’s integrity. We can apply this service to information at home, at your office, or while you travel.

Security Driver

Adding a security driver to your protective services ensures you have safe transportation. We can enhance this safety with additional operatives or an escort vehicle if a threat dictates you need a higher level of security.

Protective Surveillance

We use this low-profile approach to protect clients wishing to maintain their privacy. By actively watching our clients while respecting their privacy and personal space, our agents can respond quickly and effectively if a situation arises.

Travel-Related Risk Planning

We provide various services to assess your traveling risks, whether you travel by ship, plane, or any other mode of transportation. This service applies to domestic or international travel. Our team assesses your current safety plan, provides travel intelligence, and trains your family members in proper security.

Executive Protection

This form of security is also known as close protection, in which we ensure the safety of VIPs or other people exposed to elevated personal risk. Our agents have extensive training and experience in several areas of security to ensure our client’s protection.

Reliable Security Solutions Whenever You Need Them

VP Security Services, Inc has years of in-depth training and experience, ensuring our executive protection keeps clients safe wherever they go. Let our highly skilled officers provide the peace of mind you need if you find yourself at higher risk of danger.

Contact Us to Schedule Customized Security Solutions