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School Security for San Jose, CA-Area Students & Staff

VP Security Services, Inc has a team of experienced security officers ready to act as your school’s first line of defense against theft, criminal activity, and other threats. We are available to clients throughout the Bay Area, including San Jose, CA, with school security services covering all their safety needs. Our guards can act as liaisons with local law enforcement if needed, and our tact and professionalism let us interact daily with the general public, students, and threatening individuals. We maintain a strong presence in any type, shape, size, and grade level of school in every instance. Security guards keep schools safe in many ways, including surveying for suspicious behavior, monitoring for illegal activities, locking doors, and diverting dangerous situations.

School Security Guards in San Jose

Top-Tier Professional Safety & Protection

As an educational facility, you are responsible for protecting children, adolescents, and adults at your school. Going with the security company charging the lowest price can result in subpar safety and serious consequences affecting your students, staff, or property. Choosing  VP Security Services, Inc for school security gives you top-notch patrolling and protection from a professional company with a prominent standing in your community. The resources and flexibility we have at our disposal let our staff provide security for almost any school campus request. We can help you with daily onsite officers or a security team to watch over an after-school event. Our service integrity has earned us a very positive reputation as a prime campus security provider.

Security Measures for Your School Campus

Each school has its own unique needs when it comes to security. We take the time to discuss your facility, grounds, staff, students, and other factors to create a customized plan to protect people and property at your location. Our team of security experts handles a wide array of services, ranging from patrols to professional protection against violence, animals, and other threats. Below are some examples of our school campus security measures:

  • School Building and Parking Lot Security
  • From Entry Control to Bags and Belongings Search
  • Before-, During-, or After-School Protection and Perimeter Protection
  • Random Patrol
  • Sheltering Students from Bullying, Violence, and Exposure to Drugs and Gang Activity
  • Building Safety Programs
  • Protection from Dangerous Animals in the Area
  • Extensive Background in Working with School Districts and Administrators

VP Security Services, Inc Lets you Worry Less

VP Security Services, Inc is ready to provide safety and security at your school with our comprehensive professional services. You get the benefits of physical deterrence as we patrol your school on foot or in vehicles, collaborate with local law enforcement, and listen to your students’ and faculty’s safety concerns.

Contact Us to Schedule Customized Security Solutions