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Why Should I Hire a Security Guard?

Every type of business that deals with people of any kind has risks. People are unpredictable and sometimes they get emotional. Planning for every contingency is exhausting, but hiring a security guard or a security team helps you, your employees, and your clients and customers feel safer.

When people feel safe, they’re much more likely to enjoy your event, purchase your services, and talk to you about what you have to offer. When people don’t have to use their energy to worry about whether or not they’re at risk or in danger, they can use that energy to focus on you, and you can turn them from a one-time meeting into repeat business.

Heavily Armed Security Guards in San Jose, CA

The Duties of an Armed Security Officer

The duties of our security professionals encompass one main priority: to put your needs above all else. An armed security officer has the tools to offer the highest level of protection. In addition to being aware of the surroundings and assessing all potential threats, armed security officer also do whatever is necessary to make sure that you and your team are always protected.

This might mean standing in front of you when walking to the car or some other destination, guarding a door when you’re in a meeting, securing a room before you enter it, vetting the guest list for an event, checking identification or event passes at the door, keeping out specific individuals on a list you provide, and much more.

What Do Unarmed Security Guards Do?

Unarmed security guards effectively monitor and protect establishments and residents at risk of violence, theft, fires, and other hazards with a diverse range of professional techniques that don’t involve the use of firearms. In place of lethal weapons, unarmed security guards use other tools like batons, pepper spray, tasers, security boots and belts, and other materials that can successfully sustain the safety of the premises. At VP Security Services, Inc., we offer the region’s most skilled security officers who are not only trained and experienced but also dedicated to protecting your establishment to the fullest.

Book Your Security Officers Today

At VP Security Services, we offer free risk assessments in addition to our other services, so we can get you the best price for your armed security team. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer at VP Security Services and how we can help you with all of your security needs.


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