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San Jose, CA’s Construction Security Team

Construction security officers are employed by public or private parties to protect their assets at a construction site or another location, including their property, money, equipment, and people. These security officers typically focus on enforcing preventative measures to various hazards like unsafe worker behavior, unwanted waste, damaged property, and criminal activities like theft. VP Security Services, Inc’s team does this by making our presence highly visible, deterring inappropriate and illegal actions. We also use patrols, monitoring alarm systems, or video surveillance systems to watch for crime and other hazards, such as a fire. Our security team takes action to minimize damage, including warning trespassers and escorting them off the property. When appropriate, we report incidents to our clients and emergency services, such as paramedics or the police.

Security Team Services in San Jose, CA

Important Facts About Our Security Team

VP Security Services, Inc’s security officers are always uninformed, representing their lawful authority as professional protection at private properties. Security guards are generally governed by legal regulations. These regulations set out requirements for eligible security officers, including criminal background checks and other measures. Authorities permitted to security personnel vary by state and country jurisdiction, and a wide array of organizations hire security officers to protect people and property. Security clientele includes businesses, not-for-profit organizations like churches or charities, and government departments or agencies.

licensed officers with impressive training

Licensed Officers With Impressive Training

Every officer employed by VP Security Services, Inc that works in the construction industry is licensed by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS). Our team of security experts focuses our services on crime prevention and liability. Nevertheless, our officers have all received comprehensive training in homeless activity, intrusion, and copper theft. We have proven efficacy with our strong security guards and technology. Clients can also depend on us for additional tools like vehicles, portable lighting, and personal protection equipment (PPE). Every officer wears PPE as a requirement while at each job site. We are proud of our accident prevention and hazard reporting, thanks to our impressive training and equipment. Our on-duty security supervisors routinely check our construction officers to ensure they perform optimally.

Security Expertise You Can Trust at Your Construction Site

Our decades of experience and in-depth training and skillset ensure you get the safety and protection you need at your construction site. We hire trustworthy security officers and keep them up to date on industry expertise so that they minimize the chance of crime or workplace hazards affecting your operation.

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