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Mission & Vision | San Jose Security Guards and Patrol

VP Security Services, Inc.  is the professional hands-on security company to provide On-Site Security Services to your location. As a result, Our reputation has been built around raising the industry standard and creating a service catering to each client’s specific needs. Additionally, From the hiring process to the client relationship, we take pride in our ability to exceed our client’s expectations. Also, we surpass the services of our competition. Furthermore, Our San Jose Security Guards and Patrol will make an effort every day to satisfy each valued client

With each new account, we create specific post orders with the development of an in house training program for each officer on your location. Afterwards, the first week of signing a contract with VP Security Services, Inc., you will see an increase in communication as we put forth the effort to get all items in order prior to start date.  Finally, We look forward to showing you our professional reputation.


Armando Gomez /CEO, CFO

Armando leads the team with nearly two decades of Operational, Sales, PR and training Experience in merely every industry to include construction, hotels, shopping centers, special events, healthcare, hi-tech commercial buildings and residential communities. His close relationships to the community and his strong desire to remain a hands on CEO sets the tone for the company. Like many of the VP leaders, Armando is a native of Silicon Valley and was part of the involvement and witnessing of the county growth. Having a uncle retiring from the Santa Clara Sheriff’s office and a mother employed by Santa Clara County in the Health Care Division, Armando maintained his strong connections with law enforcement and health care. Growing up with a humble background, Armando refuses to let his State Guard Card Certifications expire. Armando believes that leading the team will have to come by role modeling,expert training and being in the trenches with the troops. His magnetic personality and ability to attract conversations allows for great success in the company’s open door policy.

As an avid trainer himself, Armando pursued additional expertise by being a fitness trainer for the San Jose  Police Department, Celebrities, Corporate Executives and professional athletes.Armando continues to train and helps his current employees and clients stay healthy. Below is an article from the San Jose Mercury News and client day with DPR Construction. Armando has a current business license and is a principal licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.


VP SECURITY SERVICES, INC. Appoints two expert pioneers.

Jimmy Ventura /Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Jimmy is truly a pioneer in the industry and in the community. Growing up in humble beginnings, Jimmy started his leadership roles after the passing of his father at age 8 years of age. A sibling family of 7, Jimmy stepped up and starting working paper routes in East San Jose for the San Jose Mercury News. At 4 am everyday, he would use a local grocery cart to place his papers in as he could not afford a bike. Realizing that family was still in need of additional help, he took a swing job delivering papers for the Sun.

Photo of Jimmy with no shoes at age of 3

Ever since, he never looked back and promised that he would always help those in need and especially those who wanted to help themselves. Inspired by his Aunt Barbara Ponze ( first female deputy sheriff in Santa Clara County), Jimmy continued his education by graduating from Santa Teresa High School a trend he set with many others to follow. Jimmy was the only sibling having the opportunity/ passion to graduate. He would take 3 transit buses to get to school and was one of the first students part of the East side San Jose Magnet Programs which allowed students to attend Santa Teresa High from East Side School District.  At High School, he grew a passion for wrestling.

After high School, Jimmy went onto to earn two degrees in administration of Justice and Corrections. Although the journey was difficult and having to work 2-3 jobs while attending school, the payoff was soon awaiting. Jimmy soon was hired by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department whereas his first assignment was at the Elmwood Corrections Facility in Milpitas. Soon after, more adversity set in as the Sheriff lost control of the jails. Jimmy, then went into the Private Corporate Security Sector and has remained for the past 3 decades.

As one of the youngest Security Company owners in California, Jimmy never forgot his grassroots and went back to communities and coached kids in wrestling, football, basketball, softball and every level to include USA Freestyle wrestling, Salinas High School, Seaside High School, Live Oak, and multiple Junior High Schools. His planting of seeds was instrumental in the development of doctor’s, attorney’s  a District attorney, police officers, ministers and our proud military. Jimmy keeps in contact with his athletes to date.

Photo of Jimmy as a coach and former athlete and military officer Jason Barraca

As an Executive, Jimmy proudly had security oversight of various fortune 500 companies, The Monterey Institute of International studies, Intel Executive Protection, Construction sites, The Hilton Hotels, shopping centers, apartment complexes, high-rise buildings, The Double Tree hotels, numerous schools, hi-tech companies, The famous Walt Disney Family Museum whereas he worked closely with The Walt Disney Family to include Diane Disney Miller, Ron Miller and Walter Miller. He built many relationships by protecting celebrities to include Joe Montana, Tiger Woods, Randy Couture, Roger Craig, Smokey Robinson to name a few. Jimmy is considered to be one of the most productive and experienced Sales and Marketing Experts in the industry. His military exposure with institutes such as The DLI, Presidio of Monterey and Fort Ord further keeps him close to this market.

As a human being first, he prides himself on everyday effort, customer service and family and friends first. Jimmy has been a longtime volunteer  but not limited to the American Red Cross, The Cupertino School District, Latino’s Peace Officers Association and a strong supporter of the Wounded Warrior Program, American Cancer Society and United Way. He is a proud husband and father of 4 with grandchildren.

Daughter Natalie part of the basket program and Jimmy  2nd to left at Walt Disney Museum Grand Opening.


Barbara Ponze- Security Consultant

The Barbara Ponze Story
The first female officer to join the National Latino Peace Officers Association and serve as a Chapter President. Barbara was born in the small town of Madera CA. She was one of eight children who were reared by their mother as they grew up in East San Jose and Milpitas. Barbara, went through San Jose area schools and graduated from Samuel Ayer High School in Milpitas in 1961. She studied law enforcement at San Jose State University and other area colleges, joining the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department on January 10, 1966.

Barbara’s first assignment was in the jail where most Deputies start their law enforcement careers. While working in the jail, on the grave yard shift, she met Vicente Calderon who was a California Highway Patrol Officer working in the San Jose area. When Vicente arrested drunk drivers he would bring them to the jail and always talk to Barbara about NLPOA.
“It was their baby” said Barbara, Vicente and John Parraz spent all of their time trying to get the Association going. Vicente started the Santa Clara Chapter in San Jose California and was always trying to get me to join”. Later, after I joined the chapter, Richard Reyes, Louis Cobarrubias and myself traveled around the state getting other chapters started.
Barbara’s career changed, after a civil suit forced the County to allow females to transfer out the jail and into patrol. Of course, Barbara was the first female Deputy to work the streets of Santa Clara County.

In 1975 the first association newspaper was started by Vicente Calderon, Barbara Ponze and Rosa Maria Hernandez. The newspaper was called the El Puente.

In 1987 Barbara was elected president of the Santa Clara County Chapter. Barbara, now a detective, was the first female in the organization to head an N.L.P.O.A. Chapter. Furthermore, Barbara went on to prove herself by serving on the Tactical Team, at the police academy, and in then the courts. While serving in the courts she was tasked with the enormous responsibility of developing a “risk assessment protocol”, for moving prisoners safely through the court system. Again Barbara was the first. She became the first “Risk Management Officer” for the Department.

Nonetheless, Barbara retired in 1996 but didn’t stop there. She went on to Mills College where she earned a degree in Anthropology and Sociology. She was then hired by the Federal Job Core where she served as a Senior Staff Official. Barbara is retired now living in Madera with her daughter Louisa and two adopted daughters Mia and Hillary. Barbara is a long-standing member of the N.L.P.O.A. and has made many contributions toward the success of the organization. Through her hard work and active participation, she has earned the respect of all N. L. P. O. A. members.

Santa Clara Chapter:
Furthemore, The Santa Clara County Chapter was started by Vicente Calderon when he worked in San Jose CA. The chapter had approximately 30 members, 22 of them were from the San Jose Police Department. The Chapter officers were: Richard Reyes, President; Lou Cobarrubias, Vice President; Carlos Paredes, Recording Secretary; and Ray Mendiola, Corresponding Secretary. Ray Mendiola, exhorted the membership into getting more involved by attending more meetings. He felt that discussions had to continue on important and relevant issues affecting Latino Peace Officers.


San Jose Security Guards and Patrol

At VP Security Services, Inc. we pride ourselves on taking the extra time to do things the right way the first time. Safety is at the forefront of all San Jose Security Guards and Patrol Procedures and operations. With vigilant leadership and quality personnel, we provide elite level safety and security for you, your clients and your customers.

VP Security Services a San Jose Security Company offers many services to include but not limited to

  • Private Security Guards
  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Alarm Response
  • Armed & Unarmed Security
  • Residential Security
  • Office & Construction Site Security
  • San Jose Security Company
  • Special Event Security
  • Executive Protection & Corporate Security
  • Fire-Watch Personnel

Furthermore, Built on old-fashioned ideals with a leading edge on technology. Additionally, In today’s demanding and ever-changing society, we know that it is imperative to stay at the forefront of modern security procedures and technology. Finally, With our vigilant staff, we will provide safety and protection for both you and your property.  As a result, our clients are happy and repeat business with us.

Mission Statement

VP Security Services Inc. offers security guards in San Jose and surrounding cities. Our number one goal as an individual and a team is to meet and exceed our customer’s security needs with the finest trained; best supervised and most motivated security officers in the industry. We will always relate to our customer’s needs by providing site specific focus and ensuring that our client’s needs are above ours. We will never stop improving until we become the most respected security company in the industry.

VP Security patrol car

Vision Statement

  • To consistently excel in the design and delivery of comprehensive security services.
  • To routinely perform “above and beyond” in meeting the needs of each of our clients.
  • To remember that our clients are our life’s blood and our reason for existence. That serving them is not an imposition – it is the reason we are here.
  • To cultivate a working environment wherein our employees can fulfill their personal goals and maximize their professional growth.
  • To continuously improve the quality, quantity and value of our services through the efficient integration of meaningful client and employee relationship and contribution.
  • VP Security Services sees itself being the number one choice for all security needs throughout the entire Bay Area and growing statewide.
  • We provide solutions, exceptional follow up, and we seek to process improve every day.

4 Diamond Certified Company

Security Guard Patrolling an apartment complex


One of VP Security Services’ core beliefs is that a proactive customer service philosophy allows us to provide a superior product to our client. Since its inception, VP Security Services has become known for exceeding our client’s expectations and re-defining what is expected of a security company. One of the greatest deterrents to crime is the presence of a proactive uniformed officer. By making customer service contacts with people we encounter, those inclined to commit crimes of opportunity know that they have been seen by and spoken to a professional who may be able to identify them later. This knowledge more often than not prevents the crime from ever occurring.

Get the Protection You Need