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VP Security Services, Inc is a leading provider of security guard and vehicle patrol services in San Jose and the surrounding Bay area. Working with a variety of industries, our customized private security teams serve both public and private sectors, 24 hours a day. Our experienced San Jose Security Services transition team will ensure seamless transitions and new client starts from the first point of contact and throughout your experience.

The VP Security Management team boasts security experts, technology authorities, police force veterans and even emergency medical personnel. Individually and together, our team members embody an exclusive skill set to ensure your protection. Our guards are licensed by BSIS

Unlike other security personnel providers, we don’t just dispatch security guards and equipment upon request. Rather, we first take the time and patience to evaluate your unique security and safety needs. We then work with you to implement your unique setup. We provide tailored measures from our VP Security Services expertly-trained, experienced and professional team. Our experienced San Jose Security Services transition team

VP Security Services looks forward to working with you and your team

Security & Patrol Services In Bay Area

At VP Security Services in San Jose, CA, we are dedicated to providing top-quality security services for businesses, homes, and individuals throughout the area.

Our security company believes that one of the greatest deterrents to crime is simply having the presence of a proactive, uniformed officer in your building to patrol the premises. Our experienced security officers have the training to intervene in crimes that are in progress and quickly recognize and report crimes to local police. Whether you want protection for a large commercial shopping center or a small school campus, our team can help improve the safety and security of your property.

What to Expect from Our Officers

  • Expert consulting
  • Emergency, fire watch
  • Unarmed or armed officers
  • Stationary or mobile
  • Uniformed or plainclothes officers
  • Part-time or 24/7
  • K-9, narcotics dog
  • Loss prevention


Our Services

VP Security Services provides rapid response and large company resources. Executive management attention is given to each individual client account.

VP Security Services has more than 50 combined years of management and experience providing stationary and patrol security services in California. The company is licensed by the state of California as a private patrol operator and is ranked among the highest in ratings by clients, peers and others. VP Security Services, Inc. has one of the most extensive training programs in the industry. VP Security Services, Inc. also offers a wide variety of other specialties to include Safety training, Pool Monitors, event staff, Fire-watch personnel and Security Management Consulting.

Commercial Security

We provide patrol services and security services for shopping centers, commercial high-rise buildings, hotels, and more.

Apartment and Homeowner Association Security

Our staff consists of numerous employees with a background in the property management world, and can help ensure safety and adherence to policy at your multi-housing community.

School and Campus Security

Whether you are searching for daily, on-site officers within your school or are concerned about a one-time event, our campus security services are effective in keeping your children protected.

Fire Watch Security

In the event of a fire safety equipment malfunction or other potentially dangerous situation, our team can serve as a fire watch security to monitor the situation and report any emergencies to the fire department right away.

Special Event Security

Whether you’re hosting a corporate party, car show, parade, or other major event, our team can provide security to ensure safe access and crowd control.

Executive Protection

Our executive protection services can help you feel safe in sensitive situations, whether you’re dealing with disgruntled employees, rowdy guests, depositing funds, or other concerns.

Security guards getting into patrol car

Our Security and Patrol Services

Our team at VP Security Services provides customized security services, products, and techniques designed to effectively meet the needs of your location. Patrol vehicle equipment includes:

  • 2-way radios for security officers, as well as mobile radio in the car (VP Security Services maintains repeater facilities on mountain peaks surrounding the Bay Area to amplify radio signals
  • Drive-cam video event data recorder
  • GPS tracking system
  • Emergency flares and tape
  • First-aid kit
  • Computerized reports
  • Cell phones
  • Audio recording capabilities
  • Powerful GPS
A guard accepting calls at 24 hour dispatch


VP Security Services provides hotel security services to a number of large upscale hotels, helping their guests to feel welcome and safe. Hotel security combines many of the security challenges inherent in commercial, residential and retail environments. VP has developed a training program for our officers that strikes a balance between customer service and our protection duties.

With more than 20 years of experience in the security industry, VP has developed a deep pool of highly qualified armed and unarmed security officers — most of whom have law enforcement or military backgrounds — to staff such engagements. From this pool, VP matches the appropriate security officer to the location, based on skills and experience. Selected officers must be able to cover the entire premises physically, take meticulous notes, file detailed reports, and act when necessary according to procedures agreed upon with hotel management, VP Security Services, and local police.

Armed Guards

Do your regular business needs or private events require an armed presence? VP Security Services, a trusted security guard company, can offer you fully trained and certified armed guards to provide a more specialized service designed to meet your highly sensitive security needs. Whatever your situation may be, we will tailor our armed security services to provide you with the necessary protection.

  • Protection of properties
  • Off-duty or retired police officers and federal agents
  • Financial institutions (banks)
  • Diplomats and dignitaries
  • Alarm response
  • Houses of worship
  • Armed transportation
  • Retail stores (jewelry, cinemas, clothing, food services)
  • Corporate protection (CEOs, senior management)
  • Workplace violence protection
  • Celebrity protection
  • Airports
  • Domestic related cases
  • Limousine service
  • Special events
  • Auctions and estates

Get the Protection You Need