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Security Guards and Patrol in Modesto

VP Security Services, Inc. 1320 Standiford Ave, Suite 4 #163 Modesto, CA 95350  (209)248-9131

Call VP Security Services when you need Security Guards and Patrol in Modesto. When you need premier Security Services in Modesto for your property, event, or other function, it is vital to partner with experts in the field. For years, VP Security Services, Inc. has been the top security specialist in San Jose, CA.  VP Security provides security detail, investigative services, event security, private investigators, and more. We use our extensive law enforcement experience to give you peace of mind in a wide range of situations.

We also understand the Importance of Speed in Customer Service. With so much competition in every aspect of life, especially business, customers seek companies that can give them what they want fast, such that they can continue with their own business. … Hence, for customers top class service would mean efficiency, knowledge, and immediacy. We invite all current and potential clients to visit our review sites and see what others are saying.

VP Security offers our clients exceptional services through proven, successful innovations in tactical security measures. We will have a professionally trained, experienced staff and state of the art technology. VP Security prides itself on delivering an elite array of cohesive, security measures that are proven to protect your assets as well as staff from injury or loss.For more information on how we can help, contact us today for a free consultation.Cal today for an Estimate at 209-248-9131